If you suspect a water leak, please call Public Works at 620-845-6676 or City Hall at 620-845-6514
 Minimum charge for first 1,000 gallons:
1.    Residential & Commercial consumers within the City limits $27.00
2.    Residential & Commercial consumers outside the City limits $37.00
B.    Up to 49,000 gallons $5.75 per thousand gallons
C.   All usage in excess of 50,000 gallons $5.60 per thousand gallons
 Rural Water District #7:
1.    For all water usage $3.32 per 1,000 gallons
Although private property sewer lines are the owners responsibility, you may call the Public Works Office at 620-845-6676 to have the sewer main inspected if you are experiencing sewer problems.
The sewer rate that a customer is charged is based on their water usage in the months of December-February.
0-2,999 gallons                   $21.30
3,000-5,999 gallons            $23.30
6,000-10,999 gallons          $25.30
11,000-20,999 gallons        $27.30
Over 20,999 gallons             $29.30
The storm water utility is a flat fee charged to the resident that will help to repair the current condition of the City’s storm water drains.
Residential $1.00
Commercial $3.00
For billing questions on water, sewer or storm water please contact Leah Sommerhoff at 620-845-6514 or lsommerhoff@caldwellkansas.com 
Telephone: KanOkla Networks 620-845-5682 www.kanokla.com
Electric: Wheatland Electric 620-896-7090 www.weci.net(City Hall is a payment center only for Wheatland Electric, billing questions should be directed to Wheatland)
Natural Gas: Atmos Energy 1-888-442-1313 www.atmosenergy.com
Internet: KanOkla Networks 620-845-5682 www.kanokla.com
Waste Link 316-838-5465 or Waste Connections 316-838-4920