Fire Department

Caldwell Fire Department


The Caldwell Fire Department is a volunteer fire/rescue organization with a purpose of protecting life and property of the citizens and visitors of the City of Caldwell.  The dedicated members of this Fire Department have committed themselves to fighting for the well-being and safety of this City.


The Caldwell Fire Department is 100% volunteer.  There are 20 volunteers, including Scott York, Fire Chief.


Current Caldwell Fire Department Volunteer Members are listed as follows:


Scott York, Chief                   January 1990 to Present

Lloyd Henry 

Chris Koch                            February 2008 to Present

Travis York                           February 1997 to Present

Nathaniel Zulkoski                 December 2009 to Present

Josh Vanek                           June 2001 to Present

Sharon York                         June 2004 to Present

Trevor Stevenson                  June 2010 to Present

Trent Stevenson                    October 2011 to Present

Ken Whaley                          November 2011 to Present

Joe Struble                           October 2012 to Present

Bryan Weems                       March 2014 to Present

Devan Whaley                      January 2016 to Present 

Daniel Turek                         March 2016 to Present 

Alex Davis                            March 2016 to Present

Lane York

Michael Smith                       March 2018 to Present 

Jamie York                           July 2018 to Present 

Anton Reynolds                    November 2019 to Present

Tanner Lamb                       April 2019 to Present