Waste Link, Inc purchases Randy's Sanitation

Waste Link, Inc purchases Randy's Sanitation

Waste Link, Inc. recently purchased the local customer base of Randy Sanitation and has an agreement with the City for solid waste hauling.  Waste Link is striving to make the transition as easy as possible. 

Trash pickup for Waste Link customers will be in the same location as it was prior to the sale, unless the area is too tight to maneuver with their trash truck. They will pick up out of the Waste Link container that was provided, along with 10 additional bags on the ground.

Pick up days will be on Monday; this will be for the entire town.  The only Holiday’s that they observe will be Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years pick up will be the following day. 

Currently there will be no rate increase, Waste Link will do a rate study in the future to factor in gas, maintenance, and cost per ton for waste.

If you were missed, have problems with your containers, or have any questions please call City Hall at 620-845-6514.