PD Activity Report May-June 2018

PD Report May 2018 -June 2018
2 Accident Reports resulting in 2 citations-1 burglary report- 1 adult arrest (felony) 1 Special Investigation related to Burglary (manpower hours related) 2 Theft Reports- 1 Sec Offence- 1 Domestic Viol.- 2 Criminal Damage- 1 Criminal Trespass- 3 Alarm calls (all false/accidental)- 2 911 hang up calls(no issues)- 2 EMS Assist calls. 
4 outside assists to officer's calls- 2 Public Motor Assists- 13 traffic stops- 7 traffic warning/2 citations.
11 suspicious activity calls (including prowlers)-6 Public service assists (non LE related) 26 Public Service Inquiries (law enforcement/ordinance/legal related)
3- Special Activity (Including School Board presentation)
77 Physical Building/door checks(after normal business hours) Pool/Park/Gazebo/Welcome Center not included. 
2 Officers attended mandatory state training inclusive to Firearms.