Mowing Reminder From Public Works

It is mowing season again, the City of Caldwell would like to remind everyone that discharging or blowing your grass clippings onto the street is not only illegal but also clogs the gutters and the storm-water drains. 

Grass clippings and other yard debris are a significant source of our clogged drains and cause drainage and flowing issues.  We have to send out a worker after every rain to clean the drain grates because they are covered with clippings, leaves, and trash. 

The Citizens of Caldwell can control a good portion of this.  If you do not bag your grass, simply mow the first couple rounds discharging your clippings back onto the lawn.  We realize that some grass is invariably going to end up in the street, but we can stop most of it.  If you don't use your clppings for your own compost the City still has a compost site open for disposal located at 610 S Cheyenne. Cheyenne street is located just East of the Rail Road Tracks.