Minutes of Meeting- November 15th, 2017

Caldwell City Commission 
 Minutes of Meeting – November 15TH, 2017
The Caldwell City Commission met in regular session at the Caldwell Public Works Building on November 15th, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.  Mayor P. Mark Arnold presided.  Commissioners present were Michelle Schiltz and Jill Kuehny. Casie Risley, City Administrator was present. Gene Garcia, Marshall was present. Guest present was Velta Glenn. 
The minutes of the November 1st, 2017 Regular Meeting were read and approved with a motion from Commissioner Kuehny, and seconded by Commissioner Schiltz. Motion Carried. 
Gene Garcia, Marshall was present to inform the Commission of the gun show at the Community Building on February 17th, 2018. He also noted that the Police Department had received a $500 DARE Scholarship to help cover training costs. 
The October Bank Cash Report and Treasurers Report were presented and reviewed. 
After opening the only sealed bid received for the 2006 Crown Vic, a motion was made by Commissioner Kuehny and seconded by Commissioner Schiltz to accept the bid from Seth Brown in the amount of 504.75. Arnold –yes, Schiltz – yes, Kuehny – yes. 
It was noted that the Safe Routes to School Project is scheduled to be let on December 13th thru an electronic bid process. 
The certified election results from the November 7th General Election were announced; Jill Kuehny as Finance Commissioner and Michelle Schiltz as Streets & Utilities Commissioner. 
Resolution No 20-2017: GAAP Waiver was presented and approved with a motion from Commissioner Schiltz and a second from Commissioner Kuehny. Arnold d- yes, Kuehny – yes, Schiltz – yes. 
Appropriation Ordinance 2135 was approved with a motion from Commissioner Schiltz and seconded by Commissioner Kuehny. Arnold – yes, Kuehny – yes, Schiltz – yes.  
There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:26 p.m.
Kristin Hutsler, City Clerk Mark Arnold, Mayor