Minutes of Meeting- March 6th, 2019

Caldwell City Commission
 Minutes of Meeting – March 6th, 2019
The Caldwell City Commission met in regular session at the Caldwell Public Works Building on March 6th, 2019 at 12:03 p.m.  Mayor P.  Mark Arnold was present.  Commissioners Michelle Schiltz and Jill Kuehny were present. Marc Marcrum, Public Works Foreman, and Gene Garcia, Marshall were also present. Guests present were Velta Glenn. 
The minutes of the February 20th, 2019 Regular Meeting were read and approved on a motion from Commissioner Kuehny, and seconded by Commissioner Schiltz. Motion Carried. 
Gene Garcia, Marshall was present to discuss the February Police Department Activity Report. He noted that increased complaints regarding dogs at large have been heard and discussed a new dog at large policy with the Commission. The policy states that dogs will be impounded with a vet office and not released until board is payed to the vet and proof of valid vaccination and registration is provided. It was also noted that many positive reviews were heard about the Love and Logic Parenting Courses held at the Community Building. They are hoping to hold the classes again the near future for those who were unable to attend. Marshall Garcia also presented a detailed repair estimate for the 2010 Dodge Charger for $3,150.16. With the high cost of the necessary repairs, it was decided to look into replacing the vehicle. 
The Caldwell Fire Department was granted $2,500 from the Monsanto Fund. The Fire Department thanks Leon Schneider for graciously nominating the Department for the award. 
The Fire District No. 5 Fire Fighting Service Agreement was presented and approved with a motion from Commissioner Schiltz, and seconded by Commissioner Kuehny. Arnold – yes, Kuehny – yes, Schiltz – yes. 
A discussion was held regarding Duplex Housing. There is a Sumner County resident that that has shown interest in making duplex housing available in Caldwell. Financing, management, ownership, and construction of the housing were discussed. Casie Risley, City Administrator will gather more information on these subjects.  
It was noted that WSU was contacted the Strategic Planning Work Session and the prices were very high. A discussion was held and it was decided that Casie Risley, City Administrator will facilitate the Strategic Planning Work Session. The Session is scheduled for April 3rd, 2019 immediately following the regularly scheduled Commission Meeting. 
A motion was made by Commissioner Kuehny and seconded by Commissioner Schiltz to list the following surplus property on Purple Wave. Arnold – yes, Kuehny – yes, Schiltz – yes. 
2003 Ford F250 pickup without bed
2015 Ford truck bed with camera
2015 Ford truck bed with 8 ft. topper
Extendo Tool Box
1972 JD Tractor/Loader 4320
1994 Johnston V3000 Street Sweeper
2010 Dodge Charger
It was noted that RFD TV will be here in June to film a segment of Best of America by Horseback to highlight the Chisholm Trail. Activities during that time were discussed and will be posted as details are ironed out. 
Appropriation Ordinance 2166 was approved with a motion from Commissioner Schiltz and seconded by Commissioner Schiltz. Arnold – yes, Kuehny – yes, Schiltz – yes.  
At 12:57 p.m. Mayor Arnold made a motion to enter into Executive Session to discuss non-elected personnel for 5 minutes. His motion was seconded by Commissioner Schiltz. Executive Session concluded at 1:02 p.m. No motions were made.  
There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:02 p.m.
Kristin Hutsler, City Clerk Mark Arnold, Mayor