Minutes of Meeting- March 21, 2018

Caldwell City Commission

 Minutes of Meeting – March 21st, 2018


The Caldwell City Commission met in regular session at the Caldwell Public Works Building on March 21st, 2018 at 12:06 p.m.  Mayor P.  Mark Arnold presided. Commissioners Jill Kuehny and Michelle Schiltz were present. Kristin Hutsler, City Clerk Marc Marcrum, Public Works Supervisor and Velta Glenn were also present.


The minutes of the March 7th, 2018 Regular Meeting were read and approved with deletion of a repeated sentence with a motion from Commissioner Schiltz, and seconded by Commissioner Kuehny. Motion Carried.


Marc Marcrum gave the monthly activity reports for the Public Works Crew.  Work has begun on the splash pad site.  The crew has ripped up the “baby pool” and while doing so was able to fix the pool drain, Marc said that it won’t completely solve the leak in the pool but will help with water loss.  Mr. Marcrum mentioned that the Splash Pad contractors will be coming the first week of April to lay out the water lines and begin construction weather permitting.  He also mentioned that the Public Works crew has responded to 4 water leaks and also has had several sewer lines that needed their attention.  The gate to the well field was replaced, and they have also been replacing broken water meter lids and pits due to residents parking, and driving across the lids.  There was a brief discussion regarding the possibility of charging the home owner for the damaged material.  The Dixon mower was sent to Medford for servicing while there it was noted that the motor was losing compression and the cost of a new motor would be $2,500-$3,000.  It was decided that the mower would be used this season with low compression.


The February Bank Cash Report and Treasurers report were reviewed.  Commissioner Schiltz made the motion to approve the reports, seconded by Commissioner Kuehny.  Motion Carried.


An update on the Safe Routes to School Project was given. 


The downtown business grant facilitated by SCKEDD has had several interested parties.  Cameron Bielman is working with SCKEDD as he was the first person to inquire about the project.



Appropriation Ordinance 2143 was approved with a motion from Commissioner Kuehny and seconded by Commission Schiltz. Arnold – yes, Kuehny –yes, Schiltz – yes. 


Chief Garcia will attend the Local System of Care Advisory Council Meeting on March 22nd at the Raymond Frye Complex.  Casie Risley will attend the Main Street America Conference March 26th-28th


The City Wide Clean-up is Saturday April 7th, this is a service provided for residents inside city limits only.   


There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:26 p.m.



 Leah Sommerhoff, Deputy City Clerk

 Mark Arnold, Mayor