Minutes of Meeting - April 5, 2017

Caldwell City Commission
Minutes of Meeting – April 5th, 2017

The Caldwell City Commission met in regular session at the Caldwell Public Works Building on April 5th, 2017 at 12:08 p.m.  Mayor P.  Mark Arnold presided.  Commissioners present were Jill Kuehny and Colin Wood. Casie Risley, City Administrator was present. Employees present were Marc Marcrum, Public Works Foreman, Leah Sommerhoff, Deputy City Clerk, Josh Vanek, Code Enforcement Officer and Gene Garcia, City Marshall. Chris Webster, guest, was also present. 

The minutes of the March 15th, 2017 Regular Meeting were read and approved with a motion from Commissioner Kuehny, and seconded by Commissioner Wood. Motion Carried.

Chris Webster was present to discuss his concerns regarding public parking along the north side of the first north block of Webb Street across from his residence. Several solutions were discussed with input from Marshall Garcia; it was decided that no parking signs will be placed from the School District Office drive to 6 car lengths south. The signs will prohibit parking except during scheduled school sponsored events. 

The March Petty Cash Report was presented and reviewed. 

It was noted that there was a $10,000 increase in Workers Compensation Insurance costs from EMC for 2017. This increase was a result of one of our Public Works employee’s being attacked by a citizen during the routine scheduled maintenance of the sewer lines. The City is expectant of restitution after the prosecution of incident. 

Resolution 10-2017 – Unsafe Structure – 125 S Main was presented and approved with a motion from Commissioner Wood and seconded by Commissioner Kuehny. Arnold – yes, Kuehny – yes, Wood – yes. 

A bid was presented from PlayPower for the improvements and splash pad at the Pool. It was noted that the splash pad will replace the baby pool. It was noted that Casie Risley, City Administrator is researching availing grants and other funding for the project. 

An update was given on the Heritage Park Mural. The final design has been approved and printed and it will be mounted before Chisholm Trail. 

A Tax Levy Comparison spreadsheet for the surrounding communities was reviewed and discussed. 

A request from the Border Queen Cruisers for assistance in funding new software for the new software for the Cemetery Directory was heard. After reviewing the brochure, it was decided to request more information regarding the requirements of the new software. 

Appropriation Ordinance 2120 was approved with a motion from Commissioner Kuehny and seconded by Commissioner Wood. Arnold – yes, Kuehny – yes, Wood –yes.  

City Staff reported that the Clean Up Day was very successful. 
It was noted the City/Fire Department had received funding for their assistance in the 2016 Anderson Creek Wild Fire Disasters. 

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Kristin Hutsler, City Clerk									Mark Arnold, Mayor