Minutes of Meeting - April 18th, 2018

Caldwell City Commission

 Minutes of Meeting – April 18,2018


The Caldwell City Commission met in regular session at the Caldwell Commission Chambers on April 18th, 2018 at 12:06 p.m.  Mayor P.  Mark Arnold presided. Commissioners Jill Kuehny and Michelle Schiltz were present. Kristin Hutsler, City Clerk Marc Marcrum, Public Works Supervisor, Arcine Thompson, Zoning Administrator, Gene Garcia, Police Chief, and Velta Glenn were also present.

The minutes of the April 4th, 2018 Regularly Meeting were read and approved with a motion from Commissioner Kuehny, and seconded by Commissioner Schiltz. Motion Carried.

Arcine Thompson, Zoning Administrator reported on the recent Zoning Board meeting.  Jahue Arnett requested a Special Use permit for Equine at his property on Ave F and Chisholm.  The Zoning Board approved his non transferrable Special Use Permit; several properties located near his already have livestock and horses so it does not affect the neighborhood.  He has made great progress at clearing the land as well. 

Zoning Case SU-2018-01 As recommended by the Planning Commission Board of Zoning Appeals was passed with a motion by Commissioner Schiltz, seconded by Commissioner Kuehny. Motion Carried. Arnold-yes, Kuehny-yes, Schiltz-yes

Marc Marcrum, Public Works Supervisor reported on their monthly activity report.  The city held their 3rd year for the City Wide Clean up Day.  It started out slow because of the weather but we had a lot of tires, and filled all 4 roll off’s. We had plenty of help this year with some high school kids, Jalen, Corbin, and Caleb along with the City Crew and City Hall Gals.  Thanks to everyone that helped! The Splash Pad is progressing nicely. Public Works met with the contractor and now have installed the water supply and drain systems.  The Equipment has been delivered and waiting installation.  The Caldwell Rec graciously donated the Sail Shades and poles which Ginn Manufacturing welded and prepared.  Construction is planned to begin April 23rd.   Safe Routes to school is winding down.  Maintenance on the pool has begun for this summer season.  Mowing and spraying has begun.  Public Works would like to remind the citizens that the discharge of grass clippings into streets is against City Ordinance.  Two Public Works employees are attending classes for their water certification continued education.  The removal of sludge around the inlet tubes will begin this month as well.

Gene Garcia, Police Chief provided the City Commission and guests a Police Activity report for February, March and April.  He mentioned that Officer Rickstrew has been welcomed into the School by students and faculty. 

Leah Sommerhoff, Utility Billing Clerk gave a report on how the Collection Bureau of Kansas collaboration has been going.  The city has received 3 payments from past due Utility Accounts.  This partnership was initiated to try and combat the $20,000 in delinquent water bills that have accumulated since the purchase of the water company in 2010. 

The March Treasurer’s report and Bank Cash Report were reviewed, and discussed, as well as the 1st Quarter Budget and Revenue Report.

The Caldwell Police Department has released 2 press releases which will be featured in the Caldwell Messenger, as well as on the City’s website.

An update on the Downtown Commercial Rehab CDBG was given; Cameron Bielman is working closely with SCKEDD.  He has several road blocks to overcome the first, finding out if the building is structurally sound.  The building will be inspected this week.

The Lease Purchase Documents for the 2018 F-150 patrol pickup were presented and approved with a motion from Commissioner Kuehny, Seconded by Commissioner Schiltz.  Motion Carried. It was noted that the Lease Purchase was approved.  Arnold- abstained, Kuehny-yes, Schiltz-yes. 

The 2018-2019 Board Appointments were reviewed and approved with a  motion from Commissioner Schiltz, and seconded by Commissioner Kuehny.  Motion Carried.  Arnold-yes, Kuehny-yes, Schiltz-yes.

Leah Sommerhoff gave the annual Park Board Report on behalf of the park board.  Recommendations included the removal of several dead trees’ from the park, replacing them with flowering tree’s to add color.  The Board requested a spring action Teeter Totter for the little kid’s area. Kimberly and Jerry Nimitz will donate a steel Picnic Table in memory of Karl and Linda Willey near park place, where the old train car sat.  It was recommended that the City purchase the second Picnic Table to match.  Thank You Kimberly and Jerry!  The Commission accepted the recommendations with a motion from Commissioner Kuehny, seconded by Commissioner Schiltz.  Arnold-yes, Kuehny-yes, Schiltz-yes

Lisa Moreland sent a brief email on behalf of the Library Board stating the Board won’t change this year, and thanking the City for their continued support of the Library.

The Software proposal for the Police Department was tabled until summer by the request of Chief Garcia. 

The proposal for an additional patrol vehicle was accepted with a motion from Commissioner Kuehny, seconded by Mayor Arnold.  This special service vehicle will be coming from State Surplus.  This will be bought through a lease purchase from Impact Bank.  Arnold-yes, Kuehny-yes, Schiltz-abstain

Chief Garcia invited the Commissioner’s to the DARE graduation May 2nd, at 10:00am.

Marc Marcrum spoke about the possibility of KDOT redoing highway 81 headed South out of town.

Warrant Ordinance 2145 was approved with a motion from Commissioner Kuehny, Seconded by Commissioner Schiltz.  Arnold-yes, Kuehny-yes, Schiltz-yes.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:14 p.m.


Leah Sommerhoff, Deputy City Clerk  

  Mark Arnold, Mayor