Law Enforcement Week May 13th-20th

Thank a Police Officer-Law Enforcement Week May 13th-20th
Often overlooked and underappreciated police officers serve our communities to the best of their ability.  It is with great pleasure that we get to have a week where we honor our officers and the work that they do for us.   It truly is a thankless job, one that is normally high stress and low reward sometimes being thrown in “nobody wins” situations.  When asked about the reason “Why” she wanted to become a Police Officer, Rebekah Rickstrew knew that she wanted to help children, and felt that being a police officer would be the best way that she could do so.  Chief Gene Garcia says his “why” was the excitement of having something different each day.  No call is exactly the same; he has been in law enforcement for 35 plus years so it must have stayed pretty exciting! 
Don’t forget to thank a police officer this week!