Commercial Incentives

These apply to all new commercial construction in the City of Caldwell:

1.   To be given to any business that is newly established within the city limits of Caldwell.  Pyramid businesses (such as Amway) do not qualify.  Home based businesses do not qualify.  This incentive is given to any entrepreneur willing to take a risk at starting a new business.  Upon completion of construction, the owner will be provided with a water/sewer/storm water utility credit of $3,000.

2.   Waiver of building permit fee. 


These apply to first time purchase of existing commercial building:

1.   Water/sewer/storm water utility credit of $1,500

2.   Free Building permit-remodeling


NOTE: No incentive for relocated or addition to existing business

The incentives must be returned to City Hall with proper supporting documents within 6 months of business opening or house purchasing 

To download the Downtown Roof Grant application click here

To download the housing incentive application click here

To download the business incentive agreement click here