Caldwell Ranks as One of the Safest Cities In Kansas

LendEDU recently named Caldwell one of the safest cities in Kansas.  Using licensed data, each city's crime index was rated against the state and national average crime index.  Caldwell's crime index makes it the #30 safest city in Kansas. 

All citizens want to know that they live and work in a safe place and Caldwell is among the safest! Does that mean Caldwell has no crime?  Unfortunately, no it doesn't.  All communities have crime, some more than others.  The Caldwell Police Department has made great strides in becoming more visible in the community, which helps with crime prevention.  Our Police Officers can't be everywhere, all the time. They need the community's help combating crime. 

What can we, as citizens do to help ensure that Caldwell remains on the list of Kansas' safest cities?  Lock all doors on our homes, vehicles, secondary structures, and businesses.  Never leave purses or valuables in vehicles.  Get to know our neighbors and keep an eye out for unusual activity, such as something or someone that seems out of place.  It's always better to error on the side of caution when you sense a problem call 911 in the case of an emergency or the Sumner County Dispatch non-emergency line at 620-326-2885.