Caldwell Fire Department Gathers to Honor Dennis "Hug" Thurman

Firefighters past and present gathered on the afternoon of February 27, 2020 to remember a man that in some way made a lasting impact on all their lives.  Hug Thurman fought fires for the City of Caldwell for 20 years, a service that can never be repaid but will always be appreciated knowing he was on watch.   The men who knew him, fought beside him, laughed with him will miss him forever. 


 Top: Devan Whaley, Tanner Lamb

Middle: Fire Chief- Scott York, Nathanial Zulkoski, Travis York, Josh Vanek Ken Whaley, Lary Wolff, Greg Conrady, Joe Struble, Alex Davis, Daniel Turek, Bryan Weems  

Front: Sharon York, Cliff Henry, Gayle York, (Retired Fire Chief Pat York), Tony Bumgardener, Chuck Tyler

(Camera Shy: Bryan Nispel)