Blight, Blight, Everywhere, Blight

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In an effort to clean-up Caldwell, the City will be stepping up blight enforcement. Did you know that backyards and side yards are the responsibility of the property owner and/or dwellers to mow and keep clear of debris? Driving down several alleys in town, it appears that many are not aware of this.

There are properties that have inoperable vehicles, cars parked on the grass, and unsightly, scattered debris. These are some of the blight violations that will be targeted in the coming weeks.

In an effort to give visitors coming to Caldwell a good impression of our fine community, this ramped up enforcement will start on Main Street and then move to the other areas of town. If you have a blight concern, feel free to call the City Office at 845-6514.

What can you do to help? Take a look around your neighborhood, if you have an elderly or disabled neighbor; ask if you can help them with a clean-up project.  Together, we can make Caldwell beautiful!